Look for pick your own strawberries in early June!

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Strawberry season typically starts in early June.  Our berries are mulched with a thick layer of straw in late November to protect them over the winter. When the weather warms in the spring we uncover them and install our irrigation system so we can protect them from the occasional frost during the plants blossoming period. This ensures beautiful berries for our pick your own season. Yummy! Our blueberry bushes are vigorously pruned to promote less fruit Рbut bigger berries. Also our crop is protected by an environmentally-sensitive netting system to discourage birds. This allows the fruit to fully ripen and achieve better size and sweetness.

Our raspberries follow closely behind blueberry season. We will have raspberries available for pick your own until there is a hard frost in the fall.

We also offer pick your own vegetables- this includes tomatoes (romas too), peppers, eggplant and winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, etc) You can mix and match to make a bushel! pick your own veggies is open on weekends only typically during the month of September.