Farm Fresh Goodness Throughout The Season

red peppersAlthough we made our reputation on melons, we never leave good enough alone. Today we feature some 20 different crop families with over 140 varieties! We also plant at staggered intervals so we’ll have crops coming into season for longer periods. You can always be assured that the freshest produce is at Hand Melon Farm.



Healthy Fields. Healthy Crops


We take great pride in our ecologically sensitive approach to farming, and seek to strike a balance between producing healthy food and preserving the environment. Toward that end we employ proven techniques such as crop rotation, reduced tillage, mulching, Integrated Pest Management, and even raising our own winter rye for straw mulch on our strawberry plants.

Look for the Bright Red Hand

628x471Find Hand Melon Farm produce at our own Farm Market located on Route 29, and our Pick-Your-Own fields along Wilbur Avenue.  We also have farm stands, and are carried in fine grocers.

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