At Hand Melon Farm we also offer a small quantity of firewood for sale. With nearly 200 acres of the farm’s acreage consisting of typical Eastern New York hardwood stands, we work closely with a certified forester who consults with us on our forestry management practices. We manage our forests for long-term growth, and selectively harvest some of our woods in an effort to provide optimal growing conditions within the forest. We also manage the field edges and selectively harvest encroaching trees.

Our firewood is made from these culled trees, some of which are younger, bent, or irregularly shaped. Consequently, there may be a few more irregularly shaped logs than wood purchased from other suppliers who are harvesting mature trees yielding straighter, high quality logs. You can feel good buying our firewood, knowing that its part of an overall forest management plan, managed for long-term sustainability.

Typically, our mix includes red oak, white oak, black cherry, black birch, and red maple – all quality hardwoods prized for their high BTU value. Firewood log length is cut to 18” maximum. Please contact us well in advance if you need a different size.

We can deliver up to two generous cords of wood in our old International dump truck within a ten-mile radius. Further distances may require a small donation for fuel costs

Contact us for firewood availability 518-527-0072